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Dragon Dresses

Something different, every day.

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Gothic Dragon DressGothic Dragon Dress

Gothic Dragon Dress

Ink Dragon Turtleneck DressInk Dragon Turtleneck Dress

Ink Dragon Turtleneck Dress

Black Chinese Dragon DressBlack Chinese Dragon Dress

Black Chinese Dragon Dress

Majestic Dragon Summer DressMajestic Dragon Summer Dress

Majestic Dragon Summer Dress

Black Dragon Short DressBlack Dragon Short Dresses

Black Dragon Short Dress

Blue Dragon Short DressBlue Dragon Short Dress

Blue Dragon Short Dress

Chinese Shanghai Dragon DressChinese Shanghai Dragon Dress

Chinese Shanghai Dragon Dress

Pleasant Flying Dragon DressPleasant Flying Dragon Dress

Pleasant Flying Dragon Dress

Emperor Dragon Long DressEmperor Dragon Long Dress

Emperor Dragon Long Dress

Traditional Chinese Dragon DressTraditional Chinese Dragon Dress

Traditional Chinese Dragon Dress

Colorful Vintage Dragon DressColorful Vintage Dragon Dress

Colorful Vintage Dragon Dress

Chinese Dragon DressChinese Dragon Dress

Chinese Dragon Dress

Ancient Dragon Turtleneck DressAncient Dragon Turtleneck Dress

Ancient Dragon Turtleneck Dress


Are you ready to enchant everyone with your appearance? Get ready to be in everyone’s focus wearing one of our dragon dresses. They are bold, appealing, and mesmerizing just like dragons. You will never fail to impress the ones around you whenever you wear some of these dresses.

The design

Our dragon dresses come in a variety of designs each one sparking the fire inside you. Some are simple, colorful, with dragon prints or lines all over, which makes them perfect for everyday use. There are also models that fit the little black dress trend as well as dresses that are perfect for parties and cocktails.

Furthermore, we have models that represent an entire culture and gowns that will make you the queen of the night. Some of them are suitable for Gothics who love black and serpents but also stylish pieces.

If you want to show your strength, self-confidence, and fiery spirit, choosing one (some) of the dresses in our collection will work the magic.

The style

We offer dragon dresses in various styles. Some of them are casual and can be worn every day. Long or short, you will reflect your passion for this mythical creature and show everyone you are as powerful as the dragon is.

We also have gothic dresses that feature dragon colors, lines, or print. They are perfect for all those who love the magic the night brings and are not afraid to fight for themselves.

For those who love showing off their love for dragons, we have party dresses you can wear at special events like cocktails, birthday parties, engagement parties, weddings, and other events.

And, there are dresses for dragon princesses. These models are perfect for special occasions and whenever you want to dominate.

So, go, browse the dresses and choose whatever fits your temper and taste the best. And, if you want to get ready for the colder days while at our shop, check out the dragon hoodies collection.

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