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Dragon Lamps

Something different, every day.

Lamps make a statement in every home. They reflect your personal style and add warmth to the space. And, while there are hundreds of different lamps on the market, our dragon lamps are one of a kind. They are spectacular, mesmerizing, and add not only warmth but a fire to your home.

Our Dragon Lamps Collection

Whether you are a dragon fan or want to add a bold touch to your home, our dragon lamps are the right for you. They are appealing and will leave everyone breathless. And, by adding one (or more) into your home, you will let everyone know you are fierce and confident in your abilities.

Why Buy a Dragon Lamp?

There are many reasons why you should buy a dragon lamp. You can buy one for your own pleasure because they are majestic just like the beast. Also, they are unique and will add a draconian touch to your space. Or, you can simply buy one because you want to stand out from the crowd and create a castle-reminiscent atmosphere.

You can also buy a dragon lamp for your kid because they love dragon stories and fairytales. Also, you can buy one for your teenager because they are is in a phase where they want to prove they are strong and bold and can rule the world. Or, maybe because they are gothics or punks and love having their room decorated in that style.

How to Choose the Right Lamp?

To choose the right model of dragon lamp, ask yourself a few questions. Are you buying it for yourself or for your kid? Where are you going to put it? Is it on the TV stand or the nightstand in your bedroom? Are you looking for a table lamp or a floor lamp?

You should also consider your kid’s age if you buy it for them, your home interior and style, and your budget.


Adding a dragon lamp will immensely impact your home style. And, if you want to create a draconian atmosphere, you can check out our dragon posters collection

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