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Dragon Puzzles

Something different, every day.

Puzzles are a great way to entertain the kids or yourself or have a fun family time. They are also perfect for friends get-togethers.

They not only keep you busy but also challenge your cognitive skills, such as creativity and logic. That what makes them a perfect leisure activity for all and a great activity for the elderly who want to keep their brain fit.

If you’re out of ideas of what type of puzzle(s) to buy, our dragon-themed puzzles are a great choice!

Our Dragon Puzzles Collection

Our dragon-themed puzzles collection features a wide variety of puzzles. They feature the dragon in various poses and scenes or in the form of a boat.

What makes our collection so special is that it offers classic jigsaws but also 3D puzzles. The latter ones are truly amazing as they depict the creature as it’s in real-life in the form of a maquette.


Our puzzles come in two types: jigsaws and 3D puzzles. The jigsaws depict the dragon in a specific scene such as in a fairytale setting, protecting a kingdom, or unleashing its wrath. Some of them are vibrant and colorful and others feature darker tones and fewer colors.

Ont the other hand, the 3D puzzles are a true masterpiece as they allow users to create a scale version of the beast. They depict the dragon in various poses and styles. Namely, some depict it as a dragon blowing fire, some as a knight, and some in the form of a ship. They are made of various materials, including paper, plastic, wood, and stainless steel.

Go on the hunt for the dragon emperor and enjoy your adventure while putting together the pieces! They make up for a great gift for everyone. If your kids are mesmerized by the dragon’s power and love all things related to it, add a model from our dragon phone cases collection and you have the perfect gift!

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